Superheroes Unite!

2nd Edition, 30 Pages, Ages 5-9

Spot the house dog is distraught by the frequent colds of his little owner Justin, who is not always mindful of hand washing. Once Spot learns about germs and how they can make people sick, he is determined to destroy them.

In his quest, he is magically transformed into a superhero and teams up with other quirky animals, each with their own power to fight germs....and “Wack! Hack! Germ Attack!” The GermAttaxx team is born! They go around the world to save children from disease-ridden germs.

An imaginative and mesmerizing story, GermAttaxx! takes you on a colorful and exciting journey.

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Independent Editorial Reviews

The book was independently reviewed by the respectable Readers' Favorite and received 5 out of 5 in all the evaluation categories and an overall rating of 5-Stars.

5 star Review

"...Fari Eliassi's approach to the topic is fun and entertaining and Christopher Beaubien makes the scenes come alive with his delightful and colorful illustrations, taking children on a fantastical adventure along with the whimsical characters. The layout of the book is also captivating and will pull in readers to learn more about how germs work when they are in the body. GermAttaxx! Superheroes Unite! is about hygiene and cleanliness and how it can affect health, and it is also about kindness and empathy. It is a good storybook for tutors and parents to help children understand the importance of having healthy habits so that they are protected from germs that make them fall sick. The whimsical characters and the adventure make this book a must-read for all children."

- The Readers' Favorite, 6/16/20